Results from Corona Lite IV Schooling Show

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Results from our fourth and final schooling show in our Corona Lite series are below. Congrats to all!

Second Level +
1. Lauren Sprieser & Helio HI, Prix St. Georges, 68.529
2. Lauren Sprieser & Gretzky RV, Prix St. Georges, 67.794
3. Judy Sprieser & Dorian Gray, Fourth 1, 64.359
4. Susan Ralston & O’Captain, Prix St. Georges 60.294
5. Judy Sprieser & Con Air V, Intermediate I, 59.706
6. Laura Hart & Laurel of Mosswood, Second 1, 59.189

First Level
1. Lauren LeBourgeois & Elbaran, First 1, 69.31
2. Lauren Sprieser & De Angelicus MTF, First 3, 68.611
3. Lauren LeBourgeois & Elbaran, First 2, 66.429

Training Level
1. Beth Zielinski & BSF Ducati 696, Training 3, 72.069
2. Cleopatra Barr & Whinny, Training 2, 61.552
3. Patricia Vos & Cedric, Training 3, 61.209
4. Cleopatra Barr & Whinny, Training 1, 60

Introductory Level
1. Linda Hild & Dagney, Intro B, 67.5
2. Angelica Emord & Wrapped In Roses, Intro B, 58.438
3. Angelica Emord & Wrapped In Roses, Intro A, 68.125

Results from Corona Lite Schooling Show

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Results from our first schooling show, the Corona Lite I, are below. Congrats to all riders!
1. Nikki Smith & Riverton, Intro C, 73
2. Nikki Smith & Riverton, Intro C, 72.25
3. Lauren Axselle & Velvet Alley, Intro B, 62.19
4. Lauren Axselle & Velvet Alley, Intro C, 60.75
5. Jodie Potts & Agent M, Intro C, 58.75
1. Kristiane Kristensen & Melon Man, T2, 68.793
2. Jessica Idol & Kingsley, T2, 67.58
3. Dana Voorhees & Sleeping Tiger, T3, 67.414
4. Dana Voorhees & Sleeping Tiger, T3, 65.69
5. Nikki Smith & Knock On Wood, T2, 65.345
6. Lainey Ashker & Krymsym Kruzier, T1, 65.192
Nikki Smith & Knock On Wood, T2, 65.172
Cindy McAlister & Fenway Park, T2, 65.172
Charlotte Adcock & Digby, T1, 65
Patricia Vos & JMF Master Cooley, T3, 60.517
Alissa Genovese & Island Fever, T2, 60
Jillian White & Karma’s A Beach, T3, 59.828
Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta, T3, 59.31
Cindy McAlister & Fenway Park, T2, 59.138
Barbara Burk & Dela, T3, 58.62
Karrigan Norris & Flo, T3, 55.862
1. Lauren Sprieser & De Angelicus MTF, 1st-3, 68.333
2. Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip, 1st-3, 66.944
3. Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip, 1st-1, 66.379
4. Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta,1st-2, 65.714
5. Leigh Wood & Dollar Mountain, 1st-1, 65.69
6. Dawn Cregger & Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, 1st-2, 65.143
Autumn Shuler & Hatfield, 1st-1, 64.138
Leigh Wood & Dollar Mountain, 1st-1, 62.931
Dawn Cregger & Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, 1st-1, 62.931
Meg Melusen & Glenhaven Serengeti, 1st-2, 62.857
Addie Cant & Fiftyshadesofcharm, 1st-3, 61.528
Karrigan Norris & Flo, 1st-2, 59.714
Barbara Burk & Dela, 1st-1, 57.586
Second & Third
1. Lauren Sprieser & Gretzky RV, 3rd-3, 65.875
2. Jessica Idol & Escandolo JB, 3rd-1, 65
3. Lainey Ashker & Call Him Paddy, 2nd-1, 64.189
4. Lainey Ashker & Zeppelin, 2nd-2, 62.683
5. Jodie Potts & Island Fever, 3rd-1, 59.324
6. Elyse Betz & Santiago del Escarvido, 2nd-1, 58.108
Fourth & Up
1. Jessica Idol & Fantom, PSG, 65.441
2. Judy Sprieser & Con Air V, 4th-F, 64.159
3. Lainey Ashker & Atlas, Int. A, 63.529

Virtual Cocktail Party Series continues

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Our Virtual Cocktail Party series continues! We’ve got some great up-and-coming meetings on the docket: click here to see them all! We’re talking to top competitors Emily Donaldson and Alice Tarjan about the decision to go pro versus staying an amateur; another great chat with Grand Prix dressage rider Lauren Chumley about teaching flying changes; nutrition for both equine and equestrian alike; and all things contracts with attorney Beth Clarke.

We’re coming to the end of the series, but all are available – more than 30 videos! – on-demand to members of the Sprieser Sporthorse Elite Club. Click here to learn more about the Club, and to sign up!

Schooling Show Times & Rules

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Hi everyone! Below are preliminary ride times for our show on Sunday, June 14. If you’ll be showing with us, PLEASE READ THE REST OF THIS and don’t just skip ahead to ride times, because a) this is our first show so bear with us, and b) um, coronavirus.


1. Hey, the coronavirus is still a thing. As mentioned in the show program, you’ll be required to rock a mask unless you’re mounted. Please also social distance, park your trailers in such a way that you’re not all up in any fellow competitor’s business, and don’t come to the show if you’re not feeling well or if you’ve been exposed to someone sick. Please temp yourself before you come to the show; if it’s high, stay home. If we catch anyone behaving in an unsafe manner, I’ll throw you off my farm so fast your head will spin, AND keep your money. Don’t be dumb.

2. DO NOT USE YOUR GPS to come to the farm. I can basically guarantee that you’ll regret it. Use the directions here: There will be some signage as well, but cell phone reception is absolute garbage for several miles around the farm, so don’t count on being able to call these directions up from your phone.

3. An aerial view of the farm is available via email, with parking and water spigots circled. There will also be a community manure bucket, and while we’re going to do our best to regularly clean both the bucket/fork and the spigots, plan accordingly before touching community stuff.

4. As there’s no rider numbers, and all you little champions have given me complete entries (thank you!), just pop on your ponies and get riding; no need to check in anywhere. We did have a change of plan: the show ring is now our OUTDOOR, and the warmup is the INDOOR. Everything will be well labelled.

5. Do know that there are a few grates across the driveways that some horses find objectionable. Plan accordingly. If you think your horse might be a doofus, or you’d just like to have some extra time to see the facilities, remember we’re offering $10 off lessons the week of the show. You can sign up at Time Center.

6. The plan is still coming together, but I’m 99% sure we’re going to go totally contact free and photograph and email your tests to you, rather than hand back paper sheets. If that really cramps your style, shoot me an email and we can work something else out.

7. There are NO BATHROOMS available to folks trailering in. There is NO FOOD SERVICE. The water from the spigots in the parking area is very drinkable, so either bring your own bottle or bring your own water outright. There is also NO ADMITTANCE to the stables.

8. Please don’t trash our parking field. We appreciate it.

9. Heather Richards will be at the show to photograph rides. Please sign up in advance by sending an email to Photos will be posted online after the show and will be available for download.

Price for photographs will be $40 for all photos taken of you and your horse for the day. Payment should be made through PayPal. Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Culpeper Food Closet to help the local community.

Examples of past horse show work:
Lauren Sprieser and Guernsey Elvis –
Jessica Howard and Rhodesian Sky –
Lauren Fisher and Dorian Gray –

9:30 Lainey Ashker Atlas Intermediate A
9:40 Autumn Shuler Hatfield 1-1
9:47 Nikki Smith Riverton T1
9:54 Jodie Potts Island Fever 3-1
10:01 Nikki Smith Riverton T1
10:08 Judy Sprieser Con Air V OTHER
10:18 Cheryl Sherman Rio PSG
10:28 Addie Cant Fiftyshadesofcharm 1-3
10:35 Alissa Genovese Island Fever T2
10:48 Dana Voorhees Sleeping Tiger T3
10:57 Dawn Cregger Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter 1-1
11:04 Dana Voorhees Sleeping Tiger T3
11:11 Dawn Cregger Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter 1-2
11:18 Holly Wilmoth Leonardo KF T3
11:25 Robb Mosby Achaemenes 1-1
11:32 Holly Wilmoth Leonardo KF T3
11:39 Lauren Axselle Velvet Alley I-B
11:46 Jodie Potts Agent M I-C
11:53 Lauren Axselle Velvet Alley I-C
12:30 Lainey Ashker Zeppelin 2-2
12:37 Barbara Burk Dela T3
12:44 Cindy McAlister Fenway Park T2
12:51 Barbara Burk Dela 1-1
12:58 Cindy McAlister Fenway Park T2
1:05 Susan Gallagher Chacco Chip 1-3
1:12 Jodie Harney Iskandar 2-1
1:19 Susan Gallagher Chacco Chip 1-1
1:26 Jillian White Karma’s A Beach T3
1:33 Meg Melusen Glenhaven Serengeti 1-2
1:40 Lauren Sprieser Gretzky RV 3-3
1:55 Karrigan Norris Flo T3
2:02 Leigh Wood Dollar Mountain 1-1
2:09 Karrigan Norris Flo 1-2
2:16 Leigh Wood Dollar Mountain 1-1
2:23 Elyse Betz Santiago del Escarvido 2-1
2:30 Jess Idol Fantom PSG
2:40 Lauren LeBorgeeois Elbaran 1-1
2:47 Katherine Buck Gray Cabeza Prieta T3
2:53 Lauren LeBorgeeois Elbaran T3
3:00 Katherine Buck Gray Cabeza Prieta 1-2
3:15 Lainey Ashker Call Him Paddy 2-1
3:22 Nikki Smith Knock On Wood T2
3:29 Jess Idol Escandolo JB 3-1
3:36 Nikki Smith Knock On Wood T2
3:43 Patricia Vos T3
3:50 Lauren Sprieser De Angelicus MTF 1-3
3:57 Lainey Ashker Krymsym Kruzier T1

Corona Lite Schooling Show, June 14

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Our socially distanced schooling show is live! You can register (and read our rules – this ain’t your normal schooling show) online at Strider. Please note that an entry cannot be accepted unless it contains a signed waiver of liability, a current coggins AND THE NAMES OF ALL in your trailer group, even if you’re trailering alone, as that’s how we’ll schedule the show.

Hope to see you there (from a safe distance)!

Keep Learning, Safely! Virtual Cocktail Party Series

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If you don’t follow Lauren Sprieser on Facebook, you might have missed the Virtual Cocktail Party series. Sponsored by the Sprieser Sporthorse Elite Club, Lauren is hosting three FREE educational “parties” via Zoom, in these times of social distancing, to keep learning and keep having fun while we’re safe at home.

We’ve had some amazing guests, and will continue to do so for weeks to come. All meetings are at 7p EST (4p PST). Here’s the complete schedule of events:

Monday, April 27: Maddie of The Blonde & The Bay, a fabulous blogger and Instagram star. We’re talking about life on the internet, and the pluses and perils of social media.
Wednesday, April 29: Beth Hall of Woodwind Studios & MusiKur Dressage Freestyles, a professional dressage freestyle composer. Beth has done freestyles for myself and my students through the international levels, and we’ll chat choreography, the music process, and why you’re not allowed to do a freestyle to music from The Pirates Of The Caribbean or Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimmaron anymore. (Spoiler alert: because you’ll be the nine millionth person to do so.)
Friday, May 1: Lauren Chumley is back to talk about working students: how to be a good one, how to get a great job, when to run screaming from the hills, and how spending time as a working student is crucial before you venture out as a trainer on your own.
Monday, May 4: Dr. Cricket Russillo, USA Team Vet for Dressage. We’ll be talking about the value of being proactive instead of reactive in equine sports medicine, and what a good preventative performance exam and treatment plan looks like.
Wednesday, May 6: Ange Bean, Grand Prix dressage trainer, about riding the non-warmblood horse and bringing them up the levels of dressage sport. We’ve got Morgans! We’ve got Fresians! We’ve got combinations of the two! Come learn about how Ange’s made multiple FEI horses with nary a warmblood to be found in their pedigrees.
Friday, May 8: a high performance roundtable we’re calling “What I’m Doing On My Summer Vacation!” For our country’s top dressage and paradressage stars, the journey to the next Olympic Games just got weirder… and longer. I’ll be joined by Rebecca Hart, Katherine Bateson-Chandler, Olivia Lagoy-Weltz and more, to talk about their plans for the summer, how they’re staying motivated, and what comes next in these uncertain times.

PAST PARTIES, recorded and available for your listening pleasure, to members of the Sprieser Sporthorse Elite Club:
– Heather Richards, FEI Amateur with horses at home
– Jen Verharen, professional coach, on making fear a superpower
– Dr. Chad Davis DVM, on complementary medicine for horses
– Dr. Jenny Susser, sports psychologist, on goal setting
– Laura Crump Anderson, personal trainer & yoga instructor
– Jodie Kelly & Martin Kuhn, Grand Prix riders, on Young Riders
– The Horse Husbands
– Lauren Chumley on buying & selling horses
– Laura Romfh of Romfh Equestrian Apparel on equine fashion
– Olivia Lagoy-Weltz, international dressage rider, on riding the wingnut
– Lendon Gray, Olympian and Olympic coach, on teaching youth riders

Sign up for each meeting FREE at Strider, and see you there!

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