At Sprieser Sporthorse, our mission is to bring horses and riders up the levels of dressage with fairness, correctness and joy. We will holistically develop mind and body with the end goal of top competition results and international sport.

Lauren Sprieser is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist and an international Grand Prix dressage competitor. Her enthusiasm and wit has made her a popular trainer, with students from the grassroots to the international levels in both dressage and eventing. She’s also an acclaimed blogger for the Chronicle of the Horse, and writes regularly for Dressage Today and Practical Horseman.

Along with Assistant Trainer Karrigan Norris, a USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, Sprieser Sporthorse is producing top horses and skilled riders in a correct and fun way.

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Lauren coached me on my journey from completing my USDF bronze medal to earning my silver and gold medals.  She is a gifted teacher who loves making dressage fun and accessible for students with any level of experience. I’ve ridden since childhood in hunter/jumpers, eventing and now dressage. Throughout the years, I’ve trained with numerous instructors, including several Olympians in each of these disciplines. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather have by my side than Lauren as I tackle my… Read more
Liza Broadbent

Let The Packing Commence

It’s T-minus three weeks until our annual winter migration to Florida. The packing has long-since commenced, and we’ve gotten smarter over the 10 (10!) years we’ve been heading south, leaving more things there so there’s less schlepping. There are spreadsheets. There are whiteboards. There’s even a Google Doc. But it’s still quite the ordeal. First, […]

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

“I had this plan.” I’ve started conversations (and, I believe, at least one or two blogs!) with those four little words so many times I’ve lost count. This year, I’m certainly not alone. This is not a piece whining about “woe is me,” so let’s get that clear from the get-go. I’m healthy. My family […]


Autumn Fitness Camp Begins

With the 2020 show season officially in my rearview, it’s time to maximize the next few months before we head to Florida. We are still heading to Florida, even with the world’s many unknowns, because while showing is lovely and fun, my team and I really go down to train in the nice weather and […]