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At Sprieser Sporthorse, our mission is to bring horses and riders up the levels of dressage with fairness, correctness and joy. We will holistically develop mind and body with the end goal of top competition results and international sport.

Lauren Sprieser is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist With Distinction and an international Grand Prix dressage competitor. Her enthusiasm and wit has made her a popular trainer, with students from the grassroots to the international levels in both dressage and eventing. She’s also an acclaimed blogger for the Chronicle of the Horse, and writes regularly for Dressage Today, Noelle Floyd and Practical Horseman.

Sprieser Sporthorse is producing top horses and skilled riders in a correct and fun way.

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After decades of dealing with numerous training and breeding facilities I finally found someone who got it right, down to the smallest detail!  From the wonderful footing, to the large clean stalls, to the individual turnout paddocks with Centaur fencing, Lauren Sprieser runs a first class facility.  And while I was aware that Lauren is a very successful competitor, I was pleased to find that she is a consummate horsewoman as well, dedicated to bringing out the best in horse and rider.  Lauren and her very professional staff work hard to keep things organized and on schedule so that each individual horse gets the proper attention both during lessons and in the barn.  Yet even with a busy schedule, the environment is very tranquil so my young horses are happy and relaxed, and we can focus on our improvement with no distractions –  it’s like a spa for horses. I highly recommend it for the serious horseperson!

Trudy Walker

Lauren coached me on my journey from completing my USDF bronze medal to earning my silver and gold medals.  She is a gifted teacher who loves making dressage fun and accessible for students with any level of experience. I’ve ridden since childhood in hunter/jumpers, eventing and now dressage. Throughout the years, I’ve trained with numerous instructors, including several Olympians in each of these disciplines. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather have by my side than Lauren as I tackle my next challenge: my first CDI. She’s also whip-smart and funny as hell, which is what you need when you’re spending hours in your coach’s company!

Liza Broadbent

Sprieser Sporthorse has transformed my young/green horse, Cool River Birchfield, “Birch,” into a supple, muscled rising dressage star in only 8 weeks. I moved my ultra-sensitive and sometimes quirky 6-yr-old registered Hungarian Warmblood from an eventing barn on the West Coast to Sprieser Sporthorse in early spring 2019. Through the course of my hectic move Sprieser Sporthorse was incredibly helpful and supportive in developing the best plan to move him and in developing the right program for him to thrive in. Birch arrived to Sprieser Sporthorse two weeks before I did. I had significant worries about how he would settle in and function without me; to my surprise he didn’t miss a beat. The atmosphere is one where all horses feel at peace and relaxed. He settled in within a day and to my amazement he felt right at home like he had lived there all along. By the time I finally got there to see him two weeks later, he had settled right into his new life and training program; his confidence had grown and he was thriving in his new understanding of dressage. I work in a demanding corporate job so that M-F, I rely on Sprieser Sporthorse to care for him like he was one of their own – and they do so with consistency. Simply put, there is just no better horse care or training program out there. Each weekend when I arrive for my lesson I get such a thrill out of seeing how Birch’s topline has developed and muscles have grown. I have been amazed at his transformation from a scrawny young horse into being a more filled out and muscled through his topline dressage horse. Young horses can be very challenging and I know that Birch would not be set up for success to compete in dressage and aspire to the upper levels without the training and care of Sprieser Sporthorse.

Tara De Nicolás

Lauren is an incredible trainer and a pillar of success for myself and my team. I had never met her when I drove from Texas to Florida and rode with her during the 2019 season. I was impressed by her kindness, professionalism, and fairness in training the horses. I was craving structure and exercises in my program that I could translate to my students and she more than delivered. Now Lauren comes to my farm in Texas to offer clinics as regularly  as possible. As a professional, I enjoy how she does not let me rest on my laurels and appreciate how she approaches each of my students. Lauren is astute and quick to focus on what the root of each rider’s problem is. I have worked for and ridden with several other internationally competitive riders and find that she actually cares if I am successful, which is unique among the Dressage elite.

Ashley Shaw

I can not say thank you enough to Lauren and her amazing staff!! I brought my sweet boy there this November and wow what a total make-over! This is an exceptional facility, turnout and staff! He looks and feels amazing. I never once worried despite being over 2 hours away. This was the most wonderful gift I have ever given myself or my horse!

Lisa Wheeler

In November, 2013, I was looking for a new boarding and training center for my Oldenburg gelding, Fiero, and for me.  I had met Lauren Sprieser once when I went to her training facility for a fix-a-test.  She had been kind and encouraging during the test and with her corrections.  So, I called and set up an appointment to meet with her.  We sat and talked for about an hour.  I was so comfortable that I knew this was where Fiero and I needed to be.

We joined the Sprieser Sporthorse family late November and have had nothing but positive experiences.  Lauren invited Fiero to train with her in Wellington last winter.  What a great experience that was!  Not only was he progressing with Lauren, but twice a week she trained  with Michael Barisone!  Can’t wait for the next winter trip to Florida, especially if we have another winter like the last one.
In such a short time, Fiero has moved from 1st level to 3rd level with great success.  He just loves her.  We both agree that we’re in no rush to push him.  He’s young and has plenty of time.

I love Lauren as my trainer.  She is always positive in her comments and suggestions of how to accomplish the task at hand.  Never do I feel like the 64 year old rider that I am.  Everything she asks of me seems possible.

And what can I say about the facility?  It’s fabulous.  You walk into the barn and the atmosphere is warm, friendly, and calm. The stalls are huge and have wonderful springy mats…great for those all important legs.   All you have to do is watch the horses to see how very happy they are.  The care of the horses by Lauren and her staff is top notch.  The fields are beautifully maintained.  The footing in the indoor is superb.  I think if you fell off, you’d bounce back into the saddle!  The boarders are friendly and supportive of one another.

If you are looking for a truly professional trainer, staff, and boarding/training facility, Sprieser Sporthorse is where you want to be.

Bev Thomas

My 16-year-old Holsteiner “becoming a lawn-ornament” cross that I’ve had since he was three, went from “Flab to Fab” after 6 months of Lauren’s fitness camp.  He looks and acts like a horse half his age. During the hunt and purchase of my second horse after many years of frustrating, intermitent training with my first, Lauren gave me the guidance and space to find the horse I needed to progress as an adult rider.  Now with her coaching, I’m able to understand concepts of balance, position and contact that I never could grasp before.

Virginia Lux

It has been my practice to surround myself with the best talent if I am to be successful. We did that in pursuit of our goal to ride in the Maryland Hunt Cup culminating in winning the race as an owner/rider in 2001. We are returning to our Eventing/Dressage roots with an eye toward upper level competition. To that end we are again looking for the best instruction we can find in dressage with someone who can understand what our goals are and design a plan that fits the horse and rider to be in the most competitive position to meet the goals. Lauren fits that description. Is a 35-year hiatus from organized dressage training and lots of fox hunting, steeplechase racing and polo in between too much of a skills gap to overcome? She does not think so and so far our results have proven her right.

Michael E. Hoffman

Never before have I felt so at ease leaving my horse in the care of others, as I did at Sprieser Sporthorse. The combination of Lauren’s customized training program paired with the staff’s caring attention to detail, worked to create the perfect environment for my horse to progress and relax in. Many thanks to everyone at Clearwater Farm. Both my horse and I look forward to coming back very soon!

Megan Kavanah

I met Lauren in 2014 at Lexington, VA. I remember it like it was yesterday, as she was sitting under the trees next to the warm up arena. She was kind, positive, encouraging to all the students she was warming up. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to start taking lessons with this positive, always-smiling human. So, I loaded Mason into the trailer and 2 hours later I pull up to this barn that took my breath away. I felt instantly at home and didn’t want to leave. Lauren was the exact same person I meet at the show! Kind, patient, funny, knowledgeable and has a way to describe just about everything! The best part was that she had no hidden agendas, didn’t push me (or Mason) past what we were comfortable with, but was still encouraging enough that I knew in time we to could be great!

Lauren, her staff, family and pets are always warm and welcoming. If in doubt, ASK LAUREN!

Amanda Wille

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