Virtual Lessons

Lauren offers virtual lessons, so you can get exceptional instruction from your home stable! Lessons are 40 minutes, and can be taught on a variety of platforms.

If you’re using Pivo, Lauren’s favorite technology, you’ll need to download the Pivo Cast app. Be sure to enable Guest Control, so Lauren can take over the robot if it loses you during your lesson.

If you’re using FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp, you’ll need a steady-handed cameraperson (we recommend a tripod).

And if you’re using Pixem, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to their lesson service. Lauren’s username is laurensprieser.

No matter the technology, you’ll need sufficient internet speed, and a way of connecting the call’s sound to your ears. Our favorite are these ultra long range bluetooth earbuds, but you can also get creative with a communication device like the No Shout, or a second phone to just place a call.

Paying for your lesson is easy too. We take Zelle, Venmo (@laurensprieser), and Paypal (Friends and Family option only, please).

Ready to sign up? Check out Time Center, our e-scheduling website.
Any questions? Email Lauren.