Join The Journey

Be a part of the journey up the levels! Lauren and her team of trainers have international level sport in their sights, and there’s lots of ways you can come along for the ride.

Syndication and Partnerships

Owning a top horse as it advances up towards the top level is a huge thrill, but also a significant expense. Syndication as an ownership model makes high performance horse ownership more affordable, and lets owners be part of a team experience. Our syndicates are teams of passionate horse people, and they’re loving watching their horses succeed!

The Elvis Syndicate (named for Guernsey Elvis, the Syndicate’s first horse to develop to international Grand Prix) owns C. Cadeau, a significant talent on his way to the top. Shares in The Elvis Syndicate are available for only a four figure commitment.

The Clearwater Partnership is a more intimate ownership experience.

And Lauren is always eager to partner with, or get creative in the terms to support, intriguing horses to develop to the international levels. Email her for more details on any of these exciting opportunities!

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