Lauren’s Training Philosophy

Every horse and rider is different. In devising a training program for both, considerations are made for horses’ age, conformation, previous training and soundness and for riders’ fitness, experience and goals. Ground manners, lunging, work in hand, and under saddle work both in and out of the arena are all part of the finished horse, and are addressed as necessary. The position of the rider and effectiveness of the aids are also a vital part of the training program – as such, lunge lessons are encouraged, as are rider fitness programs outside the barn.

All training at Sprieser Sporthorse is developed with an eye on the classical principles of the Training Scale – the approach to correcting problems starts with the basics. Every horse, from Green to Grand Prix, is expected to work softly, quietly and through; every rider, from beginners to lifelong equestrians, pursues a quiet, independent seat and soft, tactful aids.

An emphasis is also placed on experiences outside the arena. Students at Sprieser Sporthorse are encouraged to make use of our extensive outdoor property, for relaxing hacks or work on our many rolling hills. Cavaletti and some low jumping are options to help in the conditioning of our horses, as well as testing rider balance and skill. Showing is a large part of the training program, as a way to check horse and rider progress, but is not mandatory.

Our head trainer Lauren Sprieser can help you reach your dressage goals. A USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist with Distinction, Lauren has trained several horses to Grand Prix, and has an extensive competition record at all levels. Her students range from beginner pleasure riders to the upper echelons of dressage and eventing. Her energy and passion for dressage are infectious, and work brilliantly for riders of all ages and levels of experience.

Boarding Options

We only offer full-training board. Pricing starts at $2700/month or $2900/month with a runout stall. Day and weekly rates also available.

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