Lauren would like to thank her sponsors:

Advanced Saddle Fit

Colleen’s saddles are unparalleled in their generous fit for horse and rider. They are top quality for a very reasonable price.



Lifeforce supplements work. Lifeforce combines decades of science with high quality ingredients to promote equine health with products that do what they’re supposed to and taste great. Our horses shine and thrive on Lifeforce!



With as much riding as Lauren does, only Roeckl gloves can keep up. Her favorite brands are the Madrid, the Montreal and the Winter Roeckl Grip for cold weather.


Tribute Equine Nutrition

Tribute’s exceptional products keep our horses healthy, happy and thriving. Their product line contains something for every horse’s individual needs, and are highly palatable, even among our pickiest eaters.


Kingsley Footwear

Kingsley Footwear’s superior dressage boots are comfortable, stylish, and hard-wearing. In a huge range of colors, details, options and sizing, there’s a boot for every rider, and every fashion.

Kingsley Boots from Misty View Equestrian

Esprit Equestrian Wear

Skeptical about how tights could flatter every body type, or how breeches so affordable could hold up? Put your fears aside – Lauren LOVES her Pro 2.0s even on multiple horses a day, and they compliment every figure in the barn, from tiny to not! Use the link below and enter code “lauren” at checkout for  even better pricing!



Kask helmets are stylish and comfortable! They offer superior fit AND superior safety, with their own shearing force mitigator, WG11. Use the link below to see what Misty View Equestrian has in stock, or to configure your own custom helmet!


Horse By Horse

Horse By Horse provides bit and bridle fitting services, as well as an extensive range of professional grade products. My horses love their custom fit tack by Stephanie Brown-Beamer, one of the industry’s best! She carries two products we particularly love: Finesse bridles, which have years of science behind their ability to alieviate poll pressure and improve connection to the bit; and NoShout wireless headsets, which save my voice on busy show and clinic days while fitting well into a huge range of rider ears.


Bow Horse USA

Bow Horse rugs hold up to even the most raucous of young warmbloods… trust us, we know. We love their fly sheet and turnout rugs in a variety of weights, complete with neck covers designed for neck and back comfort, and for mane health.

Mrs. Pastures

If your horse’s love is for sale for the price of a Mrs. Pastures cookie, buy it. And their entire product line has a cookie for every need – traditional cookies, Super Cookies with lots of antioxidants, and new Ring Ready cookies that fit into your show coat pocket and don’t leave funky colored slime. Pony tested, Lauren approved!

Spectra Therapy

Laser therapy is my favorite healing modality. Spectra Therapy’s wearables contain Class 3 lasers that we can set and forget, letting my horses have the best therapy without increasing our workload.