Strength In Numbers

Horse ownership at any level is an expensive endeavor. There are shoes and shots and tack and hay, whether for the compassionate beginner’s teacher or the international superstar. But those international superstars have even bigger costs – FEI passports, CDI entries… the list goes on and on.

With one owner, bearing those costs is a tremendous burden. But syndication is an ownership model that spreads those costs over multiple owners. By combining the right legal legwork with your particular marketing skills, you can make being a part of a syndicate a fulfilling experience for your supporters and get the help you need to achieve your competitive dreams.

International dressage rider Lauren Sprieser has assembled two successful syndicates, and now she’s written a book on how to do it. From set-up to pitching potential owners, “Strength In Numbers” is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process! And while this book is written from a dressage perspective, the concepts and process apply to all disciplines.

Author Lauren Sprieser is a USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalist with Distinction, and a trainer of horses and riders from green to Grand Prix. She’s also a blogger for The Chronicle of the Horse, a coach for audio lesson app Ride iQ, and has lent her pen and voice to countless magazines and podcasts.

Lauren develops horses up the levels, including the horses owned by her two syndicates, The Elvis Syndicate (whose first horse, Guernsey Elvis, sold to Canada to try for the 2024 Olympic Team, and whose second, C. Cadeau, works towards Grand Prix) and Clearwater Farm Partners (whose horse Tjørnelys Solution is beginning his sport career).

If you’re a Kindle user, you can buy Strength In Numbers on Amazon! If you’re not, you can buy the book as a PDF by emailing Lauren.