Homecoming, a once-in-a-lifetime lease opportunity, and more – April e-Newsletter

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It’s T-minus two weeks until we’re back up and running in full swing at our Virginia facility, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s on our event horizon! Our Florida contingent has had an incredible winter, and our Virginia team made the most of our fabulous facilities to be ready for the Spring competition season and beyond. Read all about it in our April e-newsletter, and sign up to receive it directly in your inbox!

Legs, Legs, Legs

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For those who’ve never been, south Florida is… gross. It’s warm and soggy all the time, there’s a lot of microbes in the soil, and land is a gajillion dollars so turnout is small and sandy. It’s a recipe for some challenges with my horses’ skin, and leg skin in general, being close to the ground, and often wearing boots while sweating. But ten winters down here has given me some tools. Here are my favorites right now.

1. A neoprene boot for working. I have been working with Veredus for many years, since Ellegria – who had the market cornered on weird leg and skin issues – went in the old Piaffe Evo boots successfully. They have a new dressage boot I’m eager to meet, but I work my guys in their TRC Vento Sport boots. (A note – I use them backwards, because they’re double Velcroed, and I prefer that the Velcro that pulls the boot snug goes from front to back, not back to front, which is how the boots are made.)

Why neoprene? They’re easy to CLEAN. I just hose them off after each ride, blasting them with the most powerful setting on my hose, and hang to dry. It gets the sand and the ick out, so it can’t linger and potentially grind up my horses’ skin when they work, like a fleece lined boot can.

2. Clean and dry. Good general policy, of course, but particularly in a tough climate, the leg has to be clean, and it has to be dry. I curry legs as part of the normal grooming process, and then once they’ve worked, they get hosed off, shampooed if need be, and then DRIED with a towel. If they’ve got a skin thing rolling, I really like Zephyr’s Garden’s Leave It Be shampoo, or if it’s really fungusy, a mixture of two different human acne products, one with Salicylic Acid, one with Benzoyl Peroxide. Make sure neither has anything scrubby in it like a microbead to further aggravate skin.

And dry, dry, dry. If I have a horse who goes in standing wraps (more on that in a moment!), I’ll apply baby powder to the leg before they get wrapped, to make sure that sucker is REALLY dry under the wraps.

3. Standing wraps from Winderen. I got sent some fun Winderen goodies to try, and was impressed by the quality of all, but I was SUUUUUPER impressed by their standing wrap. I was skeptical – everyone thinks they’ve built a better mousetrap, right? – but these guys really are quite cool. First, they’re thermoregulative, like products from other companies with ceramic fiber technology that we really like, but find to be either too poofy to be easy to wrap, or come in an “easy boot” that is easy, but doesn’t hold up to daily use.

They’ve also got a silver lining, and silver is anti microbial. Super happy news for Florida’s general funk level. And lastly, they’ve got a slightly slippery exterior, which means its easy for shavings to slide off them, rather than stick.

Puck, who is both giant and white legged, tends to get stocky when he doesn’t get turned out overnight (i.e. all winter long in Florida), so he lives in wraps overnight. I’ve had a pair of Quick Wraps from Back On Track for a while, and he just beats the crap out of them; we’ve gone through several pairs (and it’s not just Puck being a menace – other horses in my life have experienced the same thing). So the Winderen ones came, and while admittedly they were quite poofy on the first use, they quickly deflated to be manageable, and I’m hella impressed. They don’t slide around, they don’t get as dirty (and Puck is a pigpen, so that’s something), and I really do think that they keep his legs less stocky than the Back On Track product.

So there it is: clean, dry, and good support products. And of course, veterinary care if you have a real issue. But we’ve been able to keep most of the creepy cruddies at bay with a good grooming protocol, and the right gear for the job!

Arena Rental for Open Schooling, and More Winter Opportunities!

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Want to get out of the winter weather? We’re making our oversized, lit, mirrored indoor arena with dust-free footing available to rent for open schooling this winter! For just $20/rider, you can get out of the cold and keep your riding going. Sign up on Strider, and then secure your slot on Time Center. It’s as simple as that!

This is one of our many winter riding opportunities available between now and mid-April. We also have stalls available for board-only, part training, full training, and even could make dry stalls available for a multi-horse owner or trainer. Camp is back! Winter Teaching Weekends with head trainer Lauren Sprieser are back! And so, so many more fun ways to keep advancing towards your 2021 goals in a safe and healthy way. Read all about ’em in our December e-newsletter, and sign up to have it delivered right to your inbox!

New Mask Policy

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With COVID cases on the rise nationwide, and out of an abundance of caution and love for our barn family, we’re requiring face coverings be worn any time our staff and clients are indoors, and/or have a possibility of being within 6’ of another person. For the purposes of clarity, we consider “indoors” to be anywhere climate controlled – the tack room, the pantry, etc.
We will continue to request that riders who aren’t feeling well stay home, that our students leave friends and family guests at home when they come for lessons, and that our trailer-in students limit their traffic through the barn, coming directly from the parking lot to the arena for their lessons. All of these policies have been effortlessly executed since March, and we appreciate everyone’s compliance.
Riders will not be required to wear masks while mounted, and we are so fortunate as to be able to do much of our work in a space with great airflow, so we have every belief that we can operate at our normal level in a safe and healthy way.
But we take the health of our clients and staff seriously, and while we recognize the inconvenience, we are grateful for your understanding. See you all soon!

World Cup Winners! October e-Newsletter

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What a whirlwind it’s been! What a triumphant close to our 2020 show season: a HUGE victory for my friend Abe Pugh aboard Alice Drayer’s Elfenperfekt at the CDI in Tryon, where Abe and “Pistol” won BOTH the Grand Prix and World Cup Qualifying Freestyle! That makes them the top ranked combination in the North American League. How exciting!! Plus results from the Regional Championships, upcoming events, and more.

Read all about it in our October e-newsletter, and sign up to receive it directly in your inbox!

Results from Corona Lite IV Schooling Show

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Results from our fourth and final schooling show in our Corona Lite series are below. Congrats to all!

Second Level +
1. Lauren Sprieser & Helio HI, Prix St. Georges, 68.529
2. Lauren Sprieser & Gretzky RV, Prix St. Georges, 67.794
3. Judy Sprieser & Dorian Gray, Fourth 1, 64.359
4. Susan Ralston & O’Captain, Prix St. Georges 60.294
5. Judy Sprieser & Con Air V, Intermediate I, 59.706
6. Laura Hart & Laurel of Mosswood, Second 1, 59.189

First Level
1. Lauren LeBourgeois & Elbaran, First 1, 69.31
2. Lauren Sprieser & De Angelicus MTF, First 3, 68.611
3. Lauren LeBourgeois & Elbaran, First 2, 66.429

Training Level
1. Beth Zielinski & BSF Ducati 696, Training 3, 72.069
2. Cleopatra Barr & Whinny, Training 2, 61.552
3. Patricia Vos & Cedric, Training 3, 61.209
4. Cleopatra Barr & Whinny, Training 1, 60

Introductory Level
1. Linda Hild & Dagney, Intro B, 67.5
2. Angelica Emord & Wrapped In Roses, Intro B, 58.438
3. Angelica Emord & Wrapped In Roses, Intro A, 68.125

Results from Corona Lite Schooling Show

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Results from our first schooling show, the Corona Lite I, are below. Congrats to all riders!
1. Nikki Smith & Riverton, Intro C, 73
2. Nikki Smith & Riverton, Intro C, 72.25
3. Lauren Axselle & Velvet Alley, Intro B, 62.19
4. Lauren Axselle & Velvet Alley, Intro C, 60.75
5. Jodie Potts & Agent M, Intro C, 58.75
1. Kristiane Kristensen & Melon Man, T2, 68.793
2. Jessica Idol & Kingsley, T2, 67.58
3. Dana Voorhees & Sleeping Tiger, T3, 67.414
4. Dana Voorhees & Sleeping Tiger, T3, 65.69
5. Nikki Smith & Knock On Wood, T2, 65.345
6. Lainey Ashker & Krymsym Kruzier, T1, 65.192
Nikki Smith & Knock On Wood, T2, 65.172
Cindy McAlister & Fenway Park, T2, 65.172
Charlotte Adcock & Digby, T1, 65
Patricia Vos & JMF Master Cooley, T3, 60.517
Alissa Genovese & Island Fever, T2, 60
Jillian White & Karma’s A Beach, T3, 59.828
Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta, T3, 59.31
Cindy McAlister & Fenway Park, T2, 59.138
Barbara Burk & Dela, T3, 58.62
Karrigan Norris & Flo, T3, 55.862
1. Lauren Sprieser & De Angelicus MTF, 1st-3, 68.333
2. Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip, 1st-3, 66.944
3. Susan Gallagher & Chacco Chip, 1st-1, 66.379
4. Katherine Buck & Cabeza Prieta,1st-2, 65.714
5. Leigh Wood & Dollar Mountain, 1st-1, 65.69
6. Dawn Cregger & Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, 1st-2, 65.143
Autumn Shuler & Hatfield, 1st-1, 64.138
Leigh Wood & Dollar Mountain, 1st-1, 62.931
Dawn Cregger & Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, 1st-1, 62.931
Meg Melusen & Glenhaven Serengeti, 1st-2, 62.857
Addie Cant & Fiftyshadesofcharm, 1st-3, 61.528
Karrigan Norris & Flo, 1st-2, 59.714
Barbara Burk & Dela, 1st-1, 57.586
Second & Third
1. Lauren Sprieser & Gretzky RV, 3rd-3, 65.875
2. Jessica Idol & Escandolo JB, 3rd-1, 65
3. Lainey Ashker & Call Him Paddy, 2nd-1, 64.189
4. Lainey Ashker & Zeppelin, 2nd-2, 62.683
5. Jodie Potts & Island Fever, 3rd-1, 59.324
6. Elyse Betz & Santiago del Escarvido, 2nd-1, 58.108
Fourth & Up
1. Jessica Idol & Fantom, PSG, 65.441
2. Judy Sprieser & Con Air V, 4th-F, 64.159
3. Lainey Ashker & Atlas, Int. A, 63.529
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