Same Ages, Different Stages

I drove up to spring Elvis out of quarantine myself, rode him once, and then left for a week with about a kabillion students to our regional championships. (We had rides from training level to Grand Prix, won a bunch of stuff, and experienced a 40-degree temperature change. Fun was had by all!) I then came […]


Growing Up, Bit By Bit

School is back in session, and the leaves are starting to turn. It’s fall, which means it’s officially been a year since both Puck and Swagger entered their working lives with me. I’ve always believed it takes a year to get to really know any new horse, trained or prospect; then add in to the […]


Clinics, Clinics, Clinics! September e-Newsletter

It’s finally fall! And we’re ringing in the season with some amazing educational opportunities, like clinics with Michael Barisone, a workshop on body clipping, and a fantastic panel on soundness in schoolmasters with US Dressage Team vet Dr. Cricket Russillo. Read all about ’em, plus some great show successes and some new faces around the […]

The Muggle Road Not Taken

I’m envious of Ravi’s ability to sleep. Partially that’s because I’m a lifelong non-sleeper. I come from a long line of neurotic people who’ve carpe diem’d their way through life. I can fall asleep anywhere, but staying asleep is a challenge, and even on my most raucous of youthful nights it was a rare thing […]