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Bev Brought So Much Joy

I don’t believe in editing my work. Or second drafts. If you’re reading a blog of mine, there’s an overwhelming possibility that it was a one-hit-wonder, something I banged out in one sitting, ran quickly through spell check, and sent off to my editors. Boom, done. But I’ve written and rewritten this blog about five […]


Checking My Work

Elvis came to me with an incomplete understanding of how to really bridge the hind legs to the bridle while keeping them quick. He also had a fair bit of anxiety about the piaffe. I did my homework, focusing on quickening those beautiful floaty hind legs of his, making him really connect his ends and […]


Hosting A Show In COVID Times

Here in Virginia, the governor’s plan had been to release us from the stay-at-home order on June 10. So with bated breath, we all watched to see what would happen to the show local to us scheduled for the weekend of June 13-14. It was canceled. The next available outing within a reasonable driving distance […]

Virtual Cocktail Party Series continues

Our Virtual Cocktail Party series continues! We’ve got some great up-and-coming meetings on the docket: click here to see them all! We’re talking to top competitors Emily Donaldson and Alice Tarjan about the decision to go pro versus staying an amateur; another great chat with Grand Prix dressage rider Lauren Chumley about teaching flying changes; […]


Taking The Time For Basics

Barns are reopening their doors, clinics are being scheduled, and shows are starting to creep back onto the calendar. But whether showing is a thing you’re going to participate in or not, and whether you’re a beginner or an international level rider, there’s a huge opportunity to make the most of time out of the […]