At Sprieser Sporthorse, our mission is to bring horses and riders up the levels of dressage with fairness, correctness and joy. We will holistically develop mind and body with the end goal of top competition results and international sport.

Lauren Sprieser is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist and an international Grand Prix dressage competitor. Her enthusiasm and wit has made her a popular trainer, with students from the grassroots to the international levels in both dressage and eventing. She’s also an acclaimed blogger for the Chronicle of the Horse, and writes regularly for Dressage Today and Practical Horseman.

Along with Assistant Trainers Jess Idol and Karrigan Norris (both USDF Bronze & Silver Medalists), Sprieser Sporthorse is producing top horses and skilled riders in a correct and fun way.

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Lauren coached me on my journey from completing my USDF bronze medal to earning my silver and gold medals.  She is a gifted teacher who loves making dressage fun and accessible for students with any level of experience. I’ve ridden since childhood in hunter/jumpers, eventing and now dressage. Throughout the years, I’ve trained with numerous instructors, including several Olympians in each of these disciplines. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather have by my side than Lauren as I tackle my…
Liza Broadbent

Bev Brought So Much Joy

I don’t believe in editing my work. Or second drafts. If you’re reading a blog of mine, there’s an overwhelming possibility that it was a one-hit-wonder, something I banged out in one sitting, ran quickly through spell check, and sent off to my editors. Boom, done. But I’ve written and rewritten this blog about five […]


Checking My Work

Elvis came to me with an incomplete understanding of how to really bridge the hind legs to the bridle while keeping them quick. He also had a fair bit of anxiety about the piaffe. I did my homework, focusing on quickening those beautiful floaty hind legs of his, making him really connect his ends and […]


Hosting A Show In COVID Times

Here in Virginia, the governor’s plan had been to release us from the stay-at-home order on June 10. So with bated breath, we all watched to see what would happen to the show local to us scheduled for the weekend of June 13-14. It was canceled. The next available outing within a reasonable driving distance […]