One of the things that I pride myself in the most is not being a shill for products. When I recommend something, I want people to know that I truly believe in it and use it in my day-to-day life. But I’m also a girl who’s gotta pay her bills, so if there’s a way to make a few pennies recommending stuff I’d be recommending anyway, then game on.

Enter the Amazon Affiliates program. So yes, I’ll get a kickback if you order via these links. But I pinkie promise that these are things I use on a regular, sometimes even DAILY, basis, and I’d tell you they were great anyway.

SUN HATS: I’ve got a big head. I’ve also got long hair. And I’ve got super fair skin, so if the sun touches me, I will quite simply burst into flames. I’ve got two sun hat recommendations for those of us with bigger noggins, though they do come in normal noggin sizes as well. And they both have ponytail holes!

This one is cute and foldable and straw-esque. They make a big deal about how you have to steam it; I didn’t and my life has, somehow, managed to go on even though my hat does get slightly creased. Definitely has been worn at the barn, though it’s so dang cute that I keep it more as my muggle hat.

My dedicated barn hat is this guy, which does fold up, but doesn’t roll up, so it’s not as easy to pack. But it’s comfy as hell and breathes well, and it’s a super-solid brim; no rays are getting past this bad boy!

SUNSCREEN: On the subject of being a Paleface, this is my favorite sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen means gentler on your skin, as well as VASTLY gentler on coral reefs, but straight up zinc oxide is actually whiter than I am, something I didn’t think was possible. Australian Gold tints this product in a few different skin tones (I wear the “Fair To Light” color) so it’s not so chalky, and of all the tinted ones I’ve tried, this is the smoothest to apply and most comfortable to wear.

BANDS: If you’ve ever ridden in a clinic with me, I’ve probably put a band on you. This band – which I use in the XS/Blue size – goes diagonally across the body from heel of boot over opposing shoulder, and is great for activating the rider’s leg and core, as well as proprioception. I’ll either use one on a rider’s weak side, or more often I’ll use them as a pair.

This is the band I put a rider’s wrists through, so they have to push their wrists out against it, activating their core muscles and also making it much harder to ride with the elbows out.

Lastly, the bands I connect to the rider’s thumbs, behind the back, to both encourage breathing and proprioception into the back, as well as to discourage pulling back on the reins. The pickle with these bands is that they only come in sets of 12; if you want to order just one, I’ll sell you one of mine, or bring it to a clinic for you. (Shoot me an email.) But here’s the whole set. 

I’ll update this list for anything we use a ton of in the barn!