A few of my friends have been posting “Gratitude Lists” online, to remind them of all the good that is out there, particularly in times where it’s easy to see the bad.

I’ve seen these before, in less hideous times, and I’d always thought they were a little fluffy. But the whole world is upside down, and I think that maybe a little fluffy is just what the doctor ordered (alongside hand washing, mask wearing, and staying the heck at home). So here are 10 things I’m grateful for this week.

1. The people I’m near. I know, social distancing is making “near” a relative term. But my staff is being amazing right now (as they always are, but I’m particularly grateful now). The end of the Florida season is always a time of senioritis avoidance because we’re all burned out from three-plus months of constantly running, and we normally finish showing and then have 10-or-so days to kill before we head home. The coronavirus has made it more like five WEEKS to kill, and between that and not being able to leave the farm for social interaction, we should all want to kill one another. The fact that we don’t is remarkable and says a tremendous amount about the gastrointestinal fortitude of these amazing women: assistant trainer Jess and working students Emily and Caitlin.

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