13267850_1363766096973523_7018998049698312917_nI’ve been on the road for several consecutive weeks, between clinics and horse shows and the general chaos of spring and summer, and I love it, truly. If I didn’t, this would have burned me out long ago. But I’m staring down two—TWO!—consecutive weekends at home with not much on my dance card except the normal things, and I’m quite excited. But that’s why you haven’t heard much from me.

But my radio silence doesn’t mean nothing’s happening; in fact, life at Casa Sprieser has been going gangbusters. After Omaha, I tried to give Ella a quiet few weeks, which didn’t last very long, because when not challenged, Ella becomes about as supple and elastic as a hippopotamus, and nearly as nice to ride. So back to work she went, admittedly for shorter bursts of work instead of the full-throttle fitness building work I have to do to produce Grand Prix tests. She’s got another week or two of this before she goes back to “real” work, in preparation for a horse show in July, and then I have to figure out how to entertain ourselves until her next show after that: September.

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