Big Success at USDF National Finals

Amanda and Mason, Third Place Second Level AA

We were so excited to qualify five horses for the USDF National Finals in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a long trip and a cold show, but Team Sprieser came, saw and conquered!


Here’s the final tally:

Amanda Wille & Mason, 3rd Place, Second Level Amateur Finals, plus three out of three wins in her Second and Third Level open classes

Kristin Hickey & Capital Call – 6th Place, Third Level Amateur Finals

Kathleen Johnson & Wonderland II S, First Level Amateur Finals, plus a Second Place in her First 3 warmup on a personal best of 69.355%

Ferris Yanney & Rocky Road Trip, Intermediate I Open Finals

Lauren Sprieser & Beverley Thomas’s Fiero, 4th Place Second Level Open Finals and 16th Place Third Level Open Finals


Year End Awards

We’re also excited to see so many of our students faring so well in our GMOs Year-End Awards. Final awards have yet to be announced, but here are where we stand with CDCTA’s Year End Standings:


Meg Melusen & Glenhaven Serengeti – 7th place Training Level Senior, 66.24; and 3rd Place Musical Freestyle, 71.22

Lauren Sprieser & Jamie Hedges’ Windhorse Ysis – 5th Place First Level Senior, 72.18

Lauren Sprieser & Judy Sprieser’s Dorian Gray – 9th Place First Level Senior, 69.07

Megan DeMichael & Agripin Rudy – 1st Place First Level Junior, 66.02
Megan DeMichael & Rama Shamonzada – 2nd Place First Level Junior, 63.71

Lauren Sprieser & Beverley Thomas’ Fiero – 1st Place Second Level Senior, 76.36; and 1st Place Third Level Senior, 74.75

Heather Richards & Hastening Cardoon – 4th Place Second Level Senior, 68.78; and 1st Place Musical Freestyle, 72.36

Kristin Counterman & Bellinger – 1st Place Fourth Level, 67.82

Lauren Sprieser & Stratocaster – 2nd Place Prix St. Georges, 69.38


Congrats to all, and enjoy a well-deserved break until 2015!