Lauren would like to thank her sponsors:



Colleen’s saddles are unparalleled in their generous fit for horse and rider. They are top quality for a very reasonable price.


With as much riding as Lauren does, only Roeckl gloves can keep up. Her favorite brands are the Madrid, the Montreal and the Winter Roeckl Grip for cold weather.


Uckele supplements work. Uckele combines decades of science with high quality ingredients to promote equine, canine and human health with products that do what they’re supposed to and taste great.


Tribute’s exceptional products keep our horses healthy, happy and thriving. Their product line contains something for every horse’s individual needs, and are highly palatable, even among our pickiest eaters.


Charles Owen helmets are supremely safe, but also supremely stylish, with lots of terrific color choices. They’re comfortable and beautiful!www.charlesowen.co.uk

The Equuscom Wiwi is the industry’s best headset for crystal clear wireless communication between instructor and student. We love our WiWis at shows, so Lauren doesn’t lose her voice teaching all day!


Meghann’s beautiful custom beaded browbands are not just beautiful – they wear like iron. Made from the highest quality Swarovski crystals, Topline designs set our horses apart.

Topline Leather

We don’t think of dressage as a high-impact sport, but protective legwear is crucial to help prevent injury to our horses’ most crucial asset – their legs! Ellegria lives in Veredus products to protect her from an old injury, and they’ve allowed her international career to thrive.


shapleys logo with tagOur horses don’t just glow with the quality of our training – we count on Shapley’s grooming products to put on that finishing touch! Even our most sensitive-skinned horses love their Hi-Shine shampoo, coat oils and Touch Up Sprays.



Romfh knows that riders are athletes, and dresses us like we’re ready for sport, not just for sitting pretty on a horse (though we do that too!).


Ecovet is a completely unique fly spray that works with pheromones to change the way horses smell to flies. We love it, and so do our horses… the flies, not so much.


Libby’s handmade tack soap is the best! It keeps all our leather goods supple and clean, and her range of scents are all fantastic.


Now legal with both the US Pony Club and US Eventing, Ride Safe keeps all your medical information at hand. In case – heaven forbid – you ever need a first responder to know your medical history, you’ll be grateful for a Ride Safe wristband.


Sagmae carries the exquisite Dy’on brand of bridlewear, known and loved for both their exceptional comfort and their unparalleled quality.