Leslie Page

I arrived at Sprieser Sporthorse the first week of December 2016 from another dressage barn that was just not the right fit for Kui and me.  At 7, he still didn’t have the best ground manners and I had did not have the best seat or balance in the saddle. We needed a professional team that could put us on the right path.

I have gained so much confidence, have learned to use my aids better, have a better, more balanced seat since I arrived.  I have also received the support and encouragement that I hadn’t received at my previous barn.  The relaxed, upbeat, and professional environment at Lauren’s is contagious.  Y9ou can’t help bu want to do your best every time you step into the stirrups.

It has been the same for Kui.  He has been under the tutelage of the Lauren’s team for one year.  His growth and transformation has been more than I could have hoped for.

When he first arrived, his coat was a dull dark brown, he was underweight, had an ulcer, no top line or muscling, and a mind of his own. In the ring, it was all I could do to get him to listen and (in a couple of cases) stay in the ring. 

The training and nutrition he receives at Lauren’s is absolutely first class.  Today, he has shiny nearly black coat with good muscling and topline.  He is calm and happy; responsive to his riders’ aids and loves to work and show his skills in the ring.

This past August 2017, Kui stepped in as the backup to take a rider to USPC Championships in Lexington, KY.  In his first ever Musical Freestyle (First Level) he was 3rd out of 20 in that class.   In October 2017, Kui qualified for, and participated in, the VADA BLM Championships in two First Level classes.  Where he also took third in both classes.

To say I am pleased with my progress and my horse’s transformation at Lauren’s is a huge understatement.  Her team and the facilities are the best I have ever encountered in my young amateur riding “career.”   I look forward to our continued progress in the coming years.

Leslie Page
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